Luxury packaging
De Coster

We think chocolate boxes

We focus mainly on the better chocolatier and pastry chef.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to deliver private customers as well.

De Coster Luxury packaging

Elaborate product mix

Our assortment contains more than 5000 products at the moment and keeps on growing every day.

'In house' production

Both cardboard and PVC are cut, pleated, punched, glued and possibly printed in our production hall.

Custom made + printing

Would you like a personal accent or a product tailored to your chocolate creations. That's possible!

Fast delivery times

Because we produce everything ourselves, there are short waiting times. This varies, depending on the number of deadlines we have.

New location
After months of hard work, we moved to our brand new buildings in july 2018.
Here's a short video about the work in progress in our warehouse.


Cardboard, PVC, labels and ribbons

In total our assortment consists of more than 5000 products. We offer you a broad range of packaging options in cardboard (in more than 40 colors) and PVC in all possible sizes.

We are always looking for new designs and new challenges and are open to all possible questions and suggestions. Because we are only 100% satisfied if we can offer your ideal packaging.




Catalogue with all products

Webshop for all your orders


750 m²

Come and discover our full assortment in our brand new showroom and get a clear overview of a wide range of packaging options.

Because we are convinced that the packaging is part of the chocolate experience, we are sure that a visit to our showroom can be inspiring for anyone with a passion for chocolate.

  • Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.

Custom-made & printing

Create your ideal packaging

Can't you find the ideal packaging in our standard assortment? No problem! We produce the packaging you want, both in cardboard and in PVC. Contact us to discuss your wishes or ideas. Two to three weeks later your custom made products will be ready!


Would you like to personalize your packaging with your name or logo? You can! We print cardboard, PVC, ribbons and labels exactly like you want. If you deliver us a vectorised file, we'll do the rest. After we receive your approval of the layout, the waiting time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Printed luxboxes in small amounts

Recently we can also print our Luxboxes (hard cardboard boxes). An extra accent on an extra luxurious box guarantees succes!

More info?

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    Check our new webshop.

    You can find all our products here which will make it a lot easier to select the products you want!
  • News

    You can find our (14) new colors of the Opaque collection in our webshop!


We focus mainly on chocolatiers and pastry chefs. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to process private orders. What we can do, is refer you to wholesalers that sell our products and where you can place individual orders.
We do everything we can to prepare your order as quickly as possible. The waiting time varies depending on the time of year (rush), if all products are in stock (or we have to produce them) and which products you order exactly. Personalised packaging demands a bit more work and time. On average we can say you will receive your order about a week later. For personalised products about 2 to 3 weeks after your approaval of the design.
For dispatching of our products we work together with GLS. You receive an email from GLS that tells you which day you can expect your order. Unfortunately they can not tell you the specific time of the deliverance (Deliveries happen between 8am and 6 pm) Make sure there is someone around to accept your order during those hours. If you purchased for more than €175, the shipping is free. For smaller amounts, €12 shipping costs will be added. You can also pick up the goods yourself, but please contact us before you come over, so your order is definitely ready.
You can always visit our showroom on weekdays during the opening hours. (8 - 12h and 12.30 - 16.30h). Give us a call if you want to come over, so we can make sure someone is available to answer your questions.


We welcome all questions and ideas

Where to find us?

De Coster Luxury packaging
Industriepark 1006
3545 Halen

Questions or ideas?

Email: info@de-coster.com
Phone: +32 (0)13 44 35 32


Declaration of conformity for materials or objects destined to come into contact with food products.

Here you can find the certificates that declare that our products are suited to come into contact with food.

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